Reason men lose interest in making love

are several reasons that may lead to sexually active men losing interest in
making love.Some of the reasons are
listed below:

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If I wake and you’re here still, give me a kiss
I wasn’t finished dreaming, about cho love

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How Many Abortions Take Place in the US? A Statistical Look

Abortion statistics reveal that the number of abortions has been going upwards all over the world.

 The basic concept of abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancy or to abort the child if there is a health risk to the mother. However, many of the abortions today cannot be justified on either of the grounds. Let’s think of it this way…

The couple does not want to use any contraceptive method while having sex. When pregnancy happens, the girl then just decides to abort the child. Well, this is a major reason why abortions have been taking place today.

Yes, there is an alarming rise in the number of abortions today in the US. Almost half of the pregnancies in the US are unintended and about 40% of those are aborted. There are many reasons for the high rate of abortions, one of the main reasons being a growing disregard for contraceptives and the fact that people are becoming sexually active at a younger age. This is a growing concern, not only because of the increased number of abortions, but also because of the health issues of the youth of the nation.

Statistics show that every year at least 2% of women aged between 15 to 44 have abortions, and at least half of them have had an abortion before. This staggering number shows us that abortion is fast growing into an industry in itself. The numbers that speak of teen abortions are shocking, with 6% of all abortions being done on kids aged 15 to 17, and 11% of all abortions being done on people aged 18 to 19. Women in their twenties comprise of more than half the abortions being performed today.

The number of abortions throw a light on the view of parenthood in today’s times. Some of the most common reasons for having an abortion include inability to care and provide for the child, not being able to let go of prior responsibilities in lieu of raising a kid, different career and family problems; among others.

My Ex Boyfriend Is Hot And Cold to Me! The Best Way to Handle Him

When you’re a woman, like you and I are, men can sometimes become something of a riddle. You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? Let’s take the case of an ex boyfriend. We’ve all had at least one ex who we couldn’t get over. We’d think about him non-stop, we’d do foolish things like call him up and demand to know why he won’t take us back and we’ve cried hours over him. It’s part of the romantic journey to experience those things but what happens when your ex boyfriend starts sending out a multitude of mixed signals in your direction? If your ex boyfriend is hot and cold, you’ve really got to temper that before you start putting your emotional health at risk. A man like this has all the control over the break up and the subsequent reunion. You don’t want to place your heart and your happiness in his hands. You have to learn how to deal with him in such a way that his wavering back and forth between wanting you and not wanting you doesn’t even phase you anymore.

Before we can delve into what you should be doing to temper his shifting attraction to you, let’s focus for a bit on why he’s acting this way. Not all men do this after a break up, but a surprising number do. We, as the women in love with said ex boyfriend, want to believe that his confusion is caused by his overwhelming love. In our naive minds we believe that he acts hot and cold because he is trying to rein in a heart that is out of control with love and devotion. It’s so romantic, isn’t it? It’s a fairytale though that belongs in a book. This isn’t your reality. He’s not pulling you close and then pushing you away because he cares so deeply for you. He’s playing a sadistic game with your heart and he may not even realize he’s doing it.

Just as we have trouble letting go after a break up, men are the same. The difference is that we don’t want to let go of the illusion that the love we shared with our ex was larger than life and could survive anything. For him, it’s much more about not wanting to be alone and if there’s no one else suitable on his emotional horizon, he’ll come circling back to you looking for you to fulfill his needs until he tires of that again.

That’s a harsh reality that unfortunately you need to accept before you can deal with him in a productive manner. If you want to continue to believe that he’s hot and cold because he’s lost in his conflicting feelings for you, you’ll continue to be hurt when he keeps disappearing after telling you he adores you and can’t live without you. If he truly cared for you to the extent that he professes, he wouldn’t act cold ever. He would be loving, attentive and working hard to ensure the future you two share is much better than the best.

Since he’s not doing that, you’re going to have to put up an emotional barrier that will ward against his hot moods. When he suddenly calls or texts you out of the blue saying he misses you, don’t respond right away. Wait an hour or two and then simply ask how he is in response. Don’t immediately play into his words by telling him you miss him every second of the day.

The same is true if he wants to hang out with you. Tell him that you’ve already made other plans but you can see him in three or four days when you have an opening. If he loved you as much as you want to believe he does, he’ll be happy to wait. If you don’t hear back for weeks, he found someone else to fill in his time.

Why Thai Women And Girls in Thailand Are So Hot

There are many good reasons why men are always interested in taking a look at Thai women. These relate to just how hot and appealing such a woman from this part of the world can be. Here’s a few of the best reasons why so many of these Thai women are as hot as they are.

One good point about Thai girls is that they tend to be thinner on average. They tend to have bodies that have the right curves without being too large or bulky in some spots where they shouldn’t be like that. Much of this comes from the natural series of foods and healthy points that can often be found all around the country. These foods include many vegetables that are grown all around the country. It’s clear that Thai ladies are very hot in that they are built amazingly well.

A Thai woman is also more likely to have clear and refreshing skin when compared to other people in particular. This is an interesting point about women as it relates to how they might look and how well they can take care of themselves. The best Thai women are ones who are really interested in taking care of themselves and making their bodies look more appealing to everyone.

Thai ladies are also toned in terms of their muscles and skin. That’s because they are very active women on average. Most of these women work hard and know that there’s always a need to do things each day in order to make everyone’s life better including hers. This is a feature of many Thai girls that is worth spotting as it relates heavily to how well she might be of interest to certain people.

Thai women are also women who might feel positive and trustworthy. They are women who tend to be very happy towards men and are willing to serve them as needed with all sorts of different processes and treatments for whatever it is people want to use. A hot woman will want to be very interested in helping people out because she knows that happiness comes from what people do for others. This is a huge part of what makes a woman hot. 

These are great points about Thai ladies that prove just why they are as hot and interesting as they are. Men who want to date women should see how these hot ladies can be very interesting to them. These women will certainly be appealing as they involve all sorts of great qualities relating to how they act and what they are really like. It’s always a good idea to see what can be offered in this particular case.

Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Here’s Just 3 Great Things You Can Use Right Now!

Now listen carefully,

if you truly want to learn ways to get him back fast you need to understand there are at least three important steps you really must do first. If you follow the three steps including the one warning in this article you will be off to a very strong start to getting your man back. To help you avoid the wrong advice there is one thing you must be aware off which we will cover first.

Be aware of advice that promises to help you get your man back but is focused on getting a PARTNER (Either “He” or “She”) or and ex back. This is important because the advice obviously is NOT specifically focused on a man. You could be about to take bad advice that might cause you to loose him forever if it’s not specifically targeted to a mans psychology. The Biggest Problem Is, If The Advice ISN’T Specifically Focused On Getting A Man Back…

it’s possible to do more harm than good. This is why that type of advice is frequently unsuccessful.

Quite frankly I think we should focus on some good material so what I am about to share with you now might shock you a little but listen up because these pointers and advice are very good.

Pointer 1# – Contact: Now listen carefully because this is the most significant step to started off correctly. You must totally be aware that this is a very important step and the most important of them all, do not contact him under any circumstances. Don’t call, email or text message him for any reason. Let me explain why, he will be expecting you to make contact with him but because you won’t contact he will start to wonder why and start thinking about you. This is exactly what you want to happen.

When you don’t contact him his mind will start to imagine such things as who you are spending your time with and where you are. Since you have not made contact with him he will start to wonder if you are with another man which can make him jealous.

And guess what? A little jealousy is a healthy thing especially when you play it cool and not act rude or cranky with him. Think about this, because you have not made contact with him he is more than likely going to try and contact you first so make sure you stick to your plan.

Pointer 2# – Become Tempting: “What?” you might ask, I don’t mean you should throw yourself at him. What I mean is you need to become very appealing to him by putting into practice the following:

* He needs to see you as a sweet heart. * You must be seen as complimentary to him and not his equal or just a friend. * You must be seen as sexual in his eyes * You also must represent some mystery and be a challenge for him.

You need to know that because he fell for you once before he can quite easily fall for you again providing you stay on track and don’t give up.

Pointer 3# – He Made Contact First: Here’s what to do if he contacted you first. Now you need to be joyful and talk with a smile because while you are smiling this will transfer across in your voice. Be sure to only say a very quick hello, and then tell him you are in a hurry to run out door. Tell him you will call him tomorrow but make sure you do not.

Should he ask where you are going be sure to only tell him you’re heading out with friends. Now listen carefully because this is a significant step…

If he decides to send you a text message you need to make sure you take at least one full day before you respond. That means 24 hours! It’s important you make sure your response is short and to the point.

Here is what you will send back. “Hey John, I have just been a little busy lately but I will call you tomorrow at some point – be good” Even though you mentioned in your text message you will call him tomorrow you must not.

Learning more ways to get him back including the secrets to a mans mind will be an enormous advantage to you. When you learn most of these benefits you will have a much less challenge and it will become a lot more fun and make your experience exciting.

Now you can stop your break up or lover’s rejection…even if your situation seems hopeless! Click here to learn exactly how to get your ex back

Make My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Again – New Ideas

Here is what you can do to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to love you and reconcile into a relationship again. Steps that you can follow to have more success in your relationship to get reconciled with an ex boyfriend. Make My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Again – New Ideas

Make My Ex Boyfriend Love Me Again – New Ideas.
It is hard to know when your breakup is completely final. This is for the reason that couples breakup all the time and end up getting back together. Before you can get back together with your ex-boyfriend it would be a decent idea to know how your ex-boyfriend surely feels about you. If there are still feelings there then it is up to you to interpret what he says and does. He will hardly be honest and upfront about his emotions after the breakup. This means that you will have to be on the lookout for intelligent signals that he is longing for you and misses you. You can use psychological and skillful Tips to get your ex back – links to my blog on what to do to get real expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last section of this article.

Breakups are particularly hard to handle. This is even more accurate when you
don’t really apprehend the reasons for the break up or if it was totally one-sided. Though breakups are a big part of life. You need to know how to handle them appropriately if you want to get your ex back.

There is every single chance that you and your ex-boyfriend can reconcile.
You just have to know the approach to go about it. Whatsoever drove you
two apart, you should put an idea in action to lessen the wedge amongst
you and get your ex back into your arms again. When you walk the right
path this is not only conceivable, but forthright.

Your ex boyfriend’s feelings for you can’t vanish overnight

You’re possibly thinking that your ex-boyfriend wants to forget all about you, but is it actually that easy? He might be acting as if that he doesn’t
care anymore but is that really the case? Think about it rationally for a minute, why would your ex rapidly forget you? Just because your
boyfriend left you that doesn’t necessarily mean that their feelings for you have fully died. It is normal to still harbor feelings for your ex
months and even a long time down the line. Why would your ex-boyfriend
be any dissimilar?

No matter how much your ex-boyfriend negates
it, he will still have certain kind of feelings for you. This is
positive for you because it gives you a bit to cling on to. When you
know how to use these feelings to your gain, you can make your
ex-boyfriend realize that the breakup was a enormous mistake. Even if he is not showing any of the signs beneath, that doesn’t essentially mean
that he has moved on.

This is why you have to
be keen and work out the signs for yourself. Fortunately there are lots
of things that you can look out for when you are talking to an
ex-boyfriend of yours. Some of these signs are incredibly refined and it takes a clever person to spot them. Some are much more apparent and
when your ex-boyfriend shows these kinds of signs you will know that
they are still in love with you.

You can visit my blogs for more
effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex when
you visit these links usually below or at the Authors Bio section.

Talk to Webcam Girls Online and Seduce Her

It will help you make a girl cool in your real life. Go crazy with sexy
girls online and make your life colourful by discovering your female
counter part in a better way. 

If you are a carnal love-monger and look for erotic pleasure, hooking up with webcam girls online is a very good idea. It can be a rehearsal for you before starting with your beloved or soul mate. Therefore, get naughty with sexy girls online. Get experience to deal with your real women. You can get a good knowledge on how to talk with a woman, how to get naughty with her, how to motivate and finally seduce her. Once you master the art, you will able to seduce many girls whom you like and want to make your life partner. Hooking up with webcam girls and making friendship with them online will gradually help you master the art of seduction. You will be able to make a courtship with many girls of your choice. You will able to know the emotion and passion of girls. Your dirty and adult talk with them will help you develop your seduction power. You will be ease with the likings of the webcam girls online. It will help you make a girl cool in your real life. Go crazy with sexy girls online and make your life colourful by discovering your female counter part in a better way. 

In this article, we shall discuss on some important tips required for chatting webcam girls online and seducing them in the most possible ways.

Make You Look Attractive
It is the most important part. As first blow is half the battle, you must win it with a killing look. For it, you need to dress up gorgeously. Get a colourful and attractive dress to impress the sexy girls at chatting room. You must look attractive and gorgeous.
Be Descriptive

It is advisable to get specific when you are trying to communicate a sexy girl online. Just remember women love to get stimulated mentally before anything else. 

Get Quality Photos

Your profile photo must be a good quality photo to arrest the attention of webcam girls online. You need a good quality webcam, too, to bust your look while you are chatting with them.

Be Adventurous A Bit

Obey these carefully as great seduction tips. 

Aaden Bell writes on webcam girls online. Get a colourful and attractive dress to impress the sexy girls at chatting room. For more details regarding sexy girls online log on to

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Again With Love Tips

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Again With Love Tips . Steps that you can follow to have more success in your relationship to get reconciled with an ex boyfriend.

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Again With Love Tips
So you ask yourself “how can I get my ex boyfriend back?” Well relationships end for many different reasons and some relationships are not meant to be.

Fortunately, this does not go for every relationship. Many couples break up during the heat of the moment and some men decide to break up with a woman because of their friends or because of a misunderstanding between the two.

Basically what I’m trying to say is it doesn’t matter what the reason was for a break up because you can get your ex boyfriend back regardless of the reason why he broke up with you.

Getting your ex boyfriend back will not be simple but if you follow these tips, you will definitely increase the chances of you and your man getting back together again.

First and foremost, you need to think about why your relationship real in the first place.
In this situation, most people suggest begging because it seems so real at this time, but here I would strongly recommend you to pull yourself together and build inside you a rock solid confidence. If you genuinely want your ex boyfriend back you may need to improve yourself and build some confidence.

You need to figure out how you’re going to fix the problem that caused the break up because if the problem is not solved it could end up in a future break up.

It is very important to take care of the current problems that caused the break up because the chances of your boyfriend getting back together with you a second time, after breaking up again because of the same problem are very slim.

Second, you want to improve your appearance.

You can get a new hairstyle or change your hair color. You can get some new clothes or try going for a new look using the clothes you already have.

Changing your appearance will certainly catch your boyfriend’s eye and have him thinking about you.

Another great thing you can do is to try to get people to talk about you around your ex boyfriend whenever possible.

For example, you could ask friends that talk to your ex to talk about positive things that are happening in your life such as a new promotion or something that may interest him.

When your ex boyfriend hears about your exciting life, he will start to think about how great it would be to share those experiences with you. This will also help him remember all the good times you and he had together.

Another tip is to go to places that your boyfriend likes to go but don’t be obvious about your intentions of getting back together.

For instance, you could go to a fast food restaurant or a coffee shop in which both of you go to frequently so it looks like you’re just dropping in and he just happened to be there. Also going to parties that are hosted by mutual friends is a good idea.

Don’t do something weird like drive for an hour to have dinner at a restaurant near by his workplace just so you can talk to him. This would just make you look very obvious in your intentions of getting back together with him.

Try to be the person who your ex boyfriend fell in love with and he will eventually want you back.

How Do I Get Him Back After We Broke Up?

Listen closely because if you want him back you need to know what you’re going to do next, you can’t afford to be unable to make a decision. In order to make a good decision you first must be aware of is how a man’s mind works. There are numerous answers to the question: “how do I get him back after a break up” so let’s investigate a few of them together while we uncovering the secrets behind a man’s mind and why he does what he does.

Ok! Now, listen closely,

you need to recognize that your man didn’t leave you because of anything you said or did. A man sometimes makes up excuses and will tell you he left because of something you said or did but that is simply an excuse. If you had a fight right before the break up it’s possible he staged the whole thing and used the fight as a good reason to break up with you.

Emotional reasons are always the reason behind a break up, it will never be a logical reason. As a result of this you simply can’t try to persuade him to come back to you because any reasons you give him will be logical not emotional. Because you can only feel emotions I urge you not to try and convince him to come back to you by using logic.

Eventually it’s going to be his ‘frame of mind’ you need to change as his ‘frame of mind’ IS where he will make his decision because that is where his emotions lies.

Now listen carefully,

A Man’s Mind ‘Appears’ Complicated To Women But The Fact Of The Matter Is… All men are quite simple, there is nothing complex about them at all even though they would like you to think so! Once you realise the main attribute of a man’s mind is the fact that it is extremely visual you will start to understand why he does what he does. The moment you learn how to appeal to his visual mind you will be able to obtain what you want from him rather quickly.

Ok, Now listen closely because here’s what you need to do to appeal to the mind of your man. You will need to become irresistible to him. I don’t mean you should make things easy for him. What I mean is you need to get his attention in a way that demands his mind to really notice you.

He must be attracted to you and see you as very sexual. What this means is he must desire you like he did when you first meet. Do whatever you can to become a mystery and challenge to him so he feels he needs to pursue you.

Have him see you as an angel. Men love to see their woman as a sweet and adorable angel. In addition you need to become ‘flattering’ to him. What this means is you need to be someone he feels proud to show off and bee seen with. Don’t worry; it’s a guy thing so just go with the flow here.

And it doesn’t stop there; because he was attracted to you once before he can quite easily be attracted to you again as long as you stick to your plan and don’t falter.

Now this is important, you must show him that you have claimed your life back. What I mean by this is you must show you do not need him and that you are cool with things.

Here’s the kicker because this is when things really start to get exciting. Remember that a man will not want a woman who needs him more than he needs her. A men will forever value that which he will work hard for. When you show you are moving on and have healed, this will begin to turn on all his attraction triggers in his mind. all the same, these are the things that fascinated him with you initially…

Now it is your job to show you can STILL display the same qualities.

When you learn the extra things needed to not just win him back but also how to keep him forever you now have obtained the ultimate benefits. As soon as you start applying these benefits you will find the problems you once had are a lot less difficult. Your journey will develop into more fun; your experience more exciting and your earlier question “how do I get him back after a break up?” will be answered.

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Why You Need to Be Careful During Abortion

There are a lot of people who would agree to the simple fact that
abortion pills have some side effects. Many people have experienced
vomiting, abdominal pain and even weakness after taking the pills.
Bleeding is again a normal and very common outcome when one takes the

 However, if you experience bleeding it is recommended to talk to a doctor or a medical practitioner. It’s also advisable that you talk to a doctor before taking these pills itself to avoid complications.

Use only when necessary

We all are well aware of the fact that the abortion pills ought to be used while ending the pregnancy. However, it is essential to follow the appropriate measures or guidelines. The aftermaths can surely bother you if precautions aren’t taken beforehand. If you are taking the medicine without any proper precaution, it can also lead to gastrointestinal upset. Abdominal pains and excessive bleeding are very common as the medical pill is used to break the inner lining of the woman’s uterus while initiating the process of abortion. If possible, always take these pills after consulting an expert.

What are the other symptoms?

Discuss the problems

The physician is the person who is well aware of your history and shall be able to help you out with the right piece of advice. Better be safe than sorry! Precautionary measures ought to be taken and the medicine should be consumed under the medical supervision of the doctor to avoid any problems in the long run.

Do not get too tensed though if some complications do arise after taking the pill. These side-effects are common. You need to be certain about one thing – that you should take the medicine only after giving everything a thought. Abortion can be a big decision and so shouldn’t be taken without thinking twice.